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Exhibitor Prefair Guidelines for The Afton Fair.

Exhibitor Prefair Guidelines for bringing animals to fairs in New York State

NYS Agriculture and Markets Regulations

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, Division of Animal Industry
10B Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12235

Exhibitor Prefair Guidelines

Please review the full rules and regulations and animal health requirements for bringing animals to the Afton Fair and other fairs in New York State. Links provided lower on this page.

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  • Review the animal health requirements booklet including information for your species before your veterinarian arrives to inspect your animals. If you have any questions ask.
  • Your veterinarian is responsible for inspecting your animals and completing the certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). Call early to avoid the last minute rush when mistakes are made and there is no time to correct.
  • Make sure official eartags are present on cattle and swine and USDA approved scrapie ID is in place on sheep and goats.
  • Llamas and alpacas require a microchip or eartag. If a microchip is utilized make sure the veterinarian confirms the microchip ID or places one.
  • Review the CVI carefully upon receipt to make sure all the information is correct including any required test or vaccination information.
  • DO NOT stuff it in an envelope and assume all is well. The time to correct is before pulling them out at the fair. The CVI is your document and you share responsibility if it is incorrect.
  • If you are importing livestock from out of state make sure the interstate requirements are met and you have a valid interstate certificate of veterinary inspection.
  • Schedule pullorum flock inspection and testing well ahead of the fair if your flock is participating in the NPIP program.
  • If you're having your birds tested within 90 daBuys of the fair you must go to a pullorum clinic. Available clinics are listed on the Dept. website. No individual testing is available if you miss a clinic.
  • Birds qualified by 90 day test must be identified by official leg band.
  • Bring documentation with you to the fair in the form of a 1) current NPIP certificate, 2) 90 day test chart or 3) purchase receipt with NPIP certification within 1 year of the date of admission to the fair.
  • For NY origin horses negative EIA test chart must be dated this calendar year or the prior calendar year.
  • Imported horses must be accompanied by an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection with a negative EIA test within 12 months. Rabies vaccination information can be incorporated into the CVI.
  • Drawing or photograph must match the horse.
  • Rabies vaccination must be within 1 year of arrival at the fair and be documented by a signed rabies certificate or a signed statement on the EIA test chart with the required information (see requirements).

When it comes time to load your livestock for the trip to the fair take the time to examine them. Makes sure they are the same animals that are on the paperwork and if they are showing any signs of illness LEAVE THEM HOME.

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