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July 6 - 9, 2017
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The Afton Fair - Floral Hall - Youth Record Books

Department Y-02

Premium amounts for Open Classes are listed on the Floral Hall Rules page and PDF.

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Download PDF copies of the the entry forms, rules and regulations and class lists on the forms page of our website.

Youth Record Books Department Classes

Section 1 - Record Keeping: By Student

  1. Production record
  2. Dairy record
  3. Poultry Record
  4. Garden Record
  5. Horse record
  6. Herd analysis record
  7. 4-H achievement record
  8. Crop records - records of a crop of 20 acres or more

[Floral Hall Youth Department Rules] [Floral Hall Youth - Flowers] [Floral Hall Youth - Produce] [Floral Hall Youth - Culinary] [Floral Hall Youth - Sewing] [Floral Hall Youth - Artwork] [Floral Hall Youth - Creative Arts] [Floral Hall Youth - Creative Arts - Page 2] [Floral Hall Youth - Record Books] [Floral Hall Youth - Antiques] [Floral Hall Youth - Photography] [Floral Hall Youth - Creative Writing] [Floral Hall Youth - Scrapbooking] [Floral Hall Open Classes]

Download PDF copies of the the entry forms with the required minor liability form, complete Floral Hall Youth Package, or individual departements at the forms page of our website.

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