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Afton Fair Open Horse Shows History

The Afton Fair has a long tradition of horse shows that included a Western Show, English show and Draft horse show. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, horse shows vanished from the Afton Fair.

The Open Horse Show
Open Horse Show
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In the spring of 2004, Mary Lockwood, a Fair Board member, asked the East River Riders (ERR) 4-H club if they would manage the horse show. The ERR 4-H Club decided to manage the show as a community service project. Since most of the club members were back yard riders with limited show experience, they formed a show committee including a number of other local individuals who were active in the horse show world. The Fair Board supported this renewal by building a new ring measuring 95 feet by 200 feet parallel to the I-88 ramp. The new horse show area includes a new announcer's stand and new material for footing.

The Open Horse Show
Open Horse Show
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With the help and expertise of several other horsemen, the committee was able to bring a one-day horse show back to the Afton Fair. The initial committee members were Mary Lockwood, Jan Hinnman, Peg Bouren Squire, Joanne Clark, Steven Clark, Ellen Marsh, Savanna Marsh, and Travis Niles. The East River Riders 4-H club managed the show and Tri-Valley Horseman's Association pointed the show. Many business and individual generously sponsored that first show.

The East River Riders and Northern Champions managed the Afton Fair Horse Show for several years.

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